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R8.2 warmth comes standard

Our windows are top quality, with R8.2* warmth. See the cross section to the left to see all the air channels. These air channels increase insulation and reduce noise.


AWARD LIGHT CONTROL Each Award Window is constructed for a specific spot in your house — after all, light differs in intensity depending on the direction from which it is coming.

  • South-facing Award Windows offer the clearest, most consistent light and take into account summer discomfort from heat build up.
  • East-facing Award Windows are built to temper the warm, bright light, especially in the morning.
  • West-facing Award Windows control the hottest light and the most harmful UV rays.
  • North-facing Award Windows are the most important natural light source because they receive sunlight throughout the year. They are constructed to let in as much of this light as possible.


AWARD HARDWARE The Truth Contour Operating System comes standard with all Award windows.  It’s popular because it’s beautiful, elegant, and simple-to-use.  It won’t impede drapes or blinds. 

Truth Contour Operating System

Truth Contour Operating System





What makes Award Windows Special?

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