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Award Windows, the window that acts like furniture.

Award Windows - The Window That Acts Like Furniture


 Award is the ultimate window™.  It helps celebrate beautiful homes that are rich in symbolism.  It gives each room a new sense of glamour that combines modern sensibilities with vintage influences.  It entices with the latest in colours and styles.  Award Windows glow with bright new features, technological advancements, energy efficiency and superior installation — in every room.


The dimensions of a room, colours, theme, its exposure to natural light and intended function, all affect the Award Window that will complete the reflection of who you are.  Take a good look at Award Windows – meticulous architectural detail deserves emphasis.  You won’t need geometrical shades, blinds, and shutters to divert attention from your windows.  You certainly won’t need curtains to hide them either!


Award also pays keen attention to the exterior view and creates a consistent look from window to window.  This allows you to coordinate the windows with your home’s exterior design, incorporating fundamental elements of privacy, light control, function and style.

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