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Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence at Award Windows

For over 60 years, Award Windows has illuminated homes throughout the Golden Horseshoe area with unmatched elegance and functionality. As a family-run business, our roots are entrenched in a rich tradition of delivering unparalleled service and exceptional workmanship.

Our belief is simple: to earn your trust with every interaction. We maintain transparency in our operations by ensuring ethical pricing, unwavering dedication to quality, and an unmatched proactive approach to customer service. High-quality materials are at the heart of our projects, reflecting our commitment to both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Our approach is holistic. At Award Windows, subcontracting is a term alien to us. Every installation is the result of the meticulous work of our in-house teams. The direct involvement of our family in every phase of the operation ensures you never face aggressive sales tactics. Instead, we aim to understand your needs and provide solutions that resonate with your vision.

Whether it's custom-fit thermal windows, doors, or sunrooms, our expertise spans a broad spectrum. Our windows and doors enhance your home's beauty and speak volumes about our commitment to quality. Our products are infused with modern technology and vintage influences and have a timeless charm.

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Why Choose Award Windows and Doors?

Beyond mere architectural elements, our windows and doors express style and sophistication. Each Award product is tailored to amplify the room's beauty it graces. Considering factors like room dimensions, colour palettes, natural light exposure, and functionality, our designs seamlessly integrate with your living spaces.
Our windows stand as a testament to intricate architectural detailing. Gone are the days when you needed to hide behind curtains or blinds. With Award Windows, each frame becomes a centrepiece, eliminating the need for distractions.

Moreover, doors from Award encapsulate both security and grandeur. They serve as entrances to both spaces and experiences, ensuring every guest is met with a blend of warmth and style.

On the exterior, consistency is key. We harmonize the look from window to window, door to door, allowing homeowners the flexibility to coordinate designs and maintain a cohesive appeal. Award Windows stand as your trusted partner in this journey of privacy, light control, functionality, and unmatched style.

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Upholding Our Core Values at Award Windows

For over 60 years, Award Windows has been more than just a windows and doors provider; we're a symbol of trust, quality, and commitment in the Golden Horseshoe area. Our foundation is built upon values that resonate in every interaction, every product, and every installation. Dive deeper to discover the principles that guide us and ensure our customers receive unparalleled excellence.

Integrity in Every Interaction

At Award Windows, our foundation is built on honesty and ethical practices. Every client interaction is guided by a commitment to transparency, ensuring our relationships are genuine and lasting.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

Quality is never an accident. Our relentless pursuit of perfection, from the materials we select to the hands that craft them, showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering the very best to our customers.

Family First Philosophy

Being a family-run business is not just our legacy; it's our strength. We treat every project as if it were for our own homes, pouring into it the care, love, and dedication that family always deserves.

Innovation & Evolution

The home improvement industry is ever-evolving, and so are we. At Award Windows, we continually embrace new techniques, materials, and designs to ensure our offerings are both contemporary and timelessly appealing.

Community Engagement

We're more than just a business; we're part of the community. Our responsibility extends beyond our doors as we actively engage in local initiatives and causes to give back to the region that has supported our growth.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, adapt, and deliver based on your needs, ensuring every solution is tailored to bring your vision to life while exceeding expectations.

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